How To Hook a Bowling Ball? Improve Your Skills

As a bowling enthusiast, I’m always looking to improve my game, and mastering the hook is a key skill.

In this guide, I’ll cover crucial aspects like grip, technique, and follow-through to help you perfect your hook.

By understanding and practicing these elements, you can improve your performance and achieve better results.

I’ll also recommend the best bowling balls for hooking and provide tips on customizing them for peak performance.

With these insights and a focused effort on refining your skills, you’ll be well on your way to becoming proficient at hooking your bowling ball, and enhancing your overall experience in the sport.

How To Hook a Bowling Ball Infographic

Best Way to Hook

To effectively hook a bowling ball, follow these steps:

Position Your Feet

How to Position Feet in Bowling

Make sure you’re wearing proper bowling shoes for better stability and slide on the approach.

Stand with your right foot on the middle dot for your approach.

This helps visualize the steps you’ll take across the lane when throwing the ball.

Adjust your foot placement as you get comfortable with your hook.

Determine Starting Position

Stand with your heels several inches from the foul line and take the usual 4-step approach away from the lane without throwing the ball.

Aim to throw your ball at one of the arrows on the lane using the arrow markings or the dots before the arrows.

Use a 4-step Approach

Swing the ball forward on your first step, stepping with your right foot first for right-handed players.

Align the ball parallel to your ankle on the second step and bend at your knees. Be at the top of your backswing by your third step and release the ball by the end of your final step.

Maintain a Straight Arm

Keep your arm straight and your elbow and wrist close to your body throughout the entire swing to create the right angle for releasing the ball.

Rotate the Ball at Release

Bowling Ball Release and Rotation

As you drop the ball out of the backswing, keep your palm facing upwards under the ball.

When the ball approaches your ankle, rotate it so that your hand is on the side and slightly under the ball on release. Remember to keep your wrist straight and lift with your fingertips.

Follow Through With Your Swing

Make sure to follow through outward onto the lane after releasing the ball to maintain consistent ball speed and accuracy. Focus on a smooth and controlled approach to generate more power, which can naturally enhance your bowling ball speed while maintaining accuracy.

It’s crucial that your fingers create the upward lift without you having to lift upward on the ball.

Make Adjustments

Once you’re comfortable with your hook, refine your approach and footwork based on the release. Move your feet in the direction you’re missing to increase accuracy.