7 Tips for Beginner Bowlers: How To Start

Bowling tips for novices

I’ve picked up a few tricks that really helped improve my bowling game. Here are some straightforward tips to boost your scores. When you’re ready to try them out, just read them below: 1. Ball Size An ideal bowling ball weight is typically around 11-12 pounds for women and 14-15 pounds for men. However, the … Read more

How Many People Can Bowl in One Lane? Tips for Large Groups

Bowl in One Lane

How many people can actually bowl in one lane without turning it into a chaotic circus? Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Why on earth does this matter?” Well, it matters because knowing this little nugget of wisdom can be the difference between a fun-filled day of strikes and spares and a disastrous game of … Read more

How Much Does Bowling Cost Per Person, Per Game, or Per Hour?

Bowling cost ball

Alright, let’s get one thing straight: bowling isn’t just about chucking a ball down a lane like some sort of caveman. No, sir, it’s a delicate dance between strategy and skill, a beautiful blend of simple fun and cutthroat competition. It’s the perfect excuse for a night out with the gang, a heartwarming bonding session … Read more

How Much Do Professional Bowlers Make a Year with Sponsors

Professional Bowlers money

Bowling is a beloved pastime that’s not just for weekends or your uncle’s birthday party. No, no, it’s a bona fide professional sport, complete with a history that’s very rich and fans more passionate than a teenage girl at a boyband concert. Aside from being entertaining, there’s a whole other side to this game that’s … Read more