How to Clean Your Bowling Ball: What You Need To Know

clean bowling ball

When I invest in a new product, I expect it to last for a while. And when it comes to my bowling ball, I want to make sure it stays in the best shape possible. Taking care of it properly is the key to longevity. Maintaining a bowling ball isn’t complicated, but it does require … Read more

7 Tips for Beginner Bowlers: How To Start

Bowling tips for novices

I’ve picked up a few tricks that really helped improve my bowling game. Here are some straightforward tips to boost your scores. When you’re ready to try them out, just read them below: 1. Ball Size An ideal bowling ball weight is typically around 11-12 pounds for women and 14-15 pounds for men. However, the … Read more

What is Duckpin Bowling – How To Play


First, let me clear something up: no ducks were harmed in the making of this story. Surprisingly, duckpin bowling has nothing to do with ducks. It’s a quirky and nostalgic game that’s both frustrating and fun at the same time. It’s a game that anyone can play and anyone can win, making it perfect for … Read more